Dr. Mrs Margaret Ibru
(Founding Director)


Esteemed parents, teachers and most importantly the parents and all those who have sacrificed their time to serve in different capacities on the management team of the PTF, peace and love of God to you all. How I wish to speak to you in person, but when God calls you must answer.
I thank all the parents for my 70th birthday wishes. I spent my birthday ministering healing with God chosen missionaries in Czech Republic. To God be the glory. I have learnt a lot and I have seen God use ordinary people to achieve great healing.
I have by God’s leading, decided that our children must be the first beneficiaries of this wealth of experience. Despite the unstable climate of our nation, our school has continued to show that God’s presence in our students cannot be undermined by any situation. The enemy will try as he does in all our lives but be rest assured that we are in a win-win situation. Your children will continue to be fulfilled in this institution. I shall devote the rest of my working life pouring and empting into your children all that God has deposited and is depositing in me.
Education is important but without Godly truth and virtues it all comes to naught. God will position the right people not only to teach your children or educate them but most importantly to speak God’s blessing and purpose into their lives, in and outside of the classrooms. This is not an ordinary promise, it is a testimony of past, present and future disposition of S.T. & T. Regency International Schools. Our past pupils and students are our testimonies.
Many teachers who left the school having been trained by us are all excelling and spreading ST&T Regency’s creed in their new places of work, to the benefit of their new students. God continues to replenish and fill the vacancies with His chosen people of the moment, with new creative ways and approach, for the good and benefit of the students.
You know as much as I do that there are seasons and times for seasons in all situations. God works out everything for the good of all. Our students need fresh teaching, fresh mindsets, fresh anointing for the fulfillment of their destiny. God will put the right people in place.
We shall lead them together in partnership on my return. We shall devote time and effort, all of us together to challenge God in humility and prayer. It is a win-win for us. Do not therefore allow your spirits to be troubled. Trust in God, trust in you and us, and together we can give our children both the needed excellent education as well as the truth of God’s desire for them and their generation. May 2018-2019 session be the best ever in His name.