The vision of service, which resulted in the founding of S.T. &T. REGENCY INT’L SCHOOL, was born that ordained morning of May 1995 sitting on my usual chair in the pharmacy. I thought in my heart how very much I would love to have a service business that would serve God and humanity. It was a deep-seated desire in my spirit though comfortable in my field yet I felt unfulfilled.

Serving God through the founding of the school was formally pronounced through the then Head Teacher of Grange School, Mrs. Ali, a woman who served without seeking for favour. She was fair to all and Justified in her love for the children she nurtured. Grange had no secondary school then; she prophetically spoke to me that ordained afternoon when I went to discuss my daughter’s progress. My dream was to mould teenagers according to the ways God was directing me.

All efforts to get a couple of parents interested in the project was aborted and ended in total frustration, I decided to do it alone but the cost was enormous and over whelming.

 A parent,  Mrs Nwobi,  encouraged me to start off a playgroup because she needed a place for her daughter.  At that time I also had my young daughter, Simi, at a playgroup called Jackie’s, Encouraged by Mrs Nwobi, I decided to invest all available funds (including my children’s educational trust fund) in building a place I could cater for the children of that age group. I built a four-room playgroup tastefully furnished.

Mrs Opusunju was the first parent to pay to S.T. & T. PLAYGROUP, as the school was then known. Why she came to me I do not know because her family had a long history of Grange Education.  My first pupil was therefore, SOMIARI OPUSUNJU whom I bless with all my heart and soul. May God make him a great pillar in his generation for being the confirmation of God’s desire to make me His servant through service to children.  A pavilion in the college has been named after him.

S.T. & T PLAYGROUP started in 1996. Within some months Mrs Mukoro registered her grand son, Tega Ajetumobi. The school was beautifully run to the best of my ability. l recall when founders of schools and NGO’s came to borrow leaves from us because they had seen that schools could wear a homely look.

Parents started advocating for primary school and the Ajetumobi’s particularly, were indeed the champion of the formation of the Primary School. May be without them I would have gone on to a secondary school level immediately but God used them as a pointer to indicate that primary level should precede Secondary level for the sake of perfection.

God has been faithful. I have kept my promise. I started with a loan from Afribank Nigeria PLC to purchase the property.  I used the children’s educational investment to start off the building of the school now known as S. T. & T REGENCY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

The name of the school, S.T. & T. was primarily formed from my children’s names; S-SIMI, T- TIMI and T- TEEGEE; but in line with God’s mission for the school.

S.T&T. has now been, redefined to be S = Stand for the Truth, T= Trust God within His Standards, T = Teach the Truth.

This is why our motto became DISCIPLINE, CONFIDENCE and INTEGRITY. (Representing our Interpretation of God’s desire for his children.)

 ln the year 2005, we started the secondary level of our journey. The school is known as S.T&T REGENCY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Our success story thus far is not that of a planned organisation but the testimony of God’s hand in the vision of getting the children ready for what he is about to unfold in the near future.

Come and build with us.

You will be glad you did. Do not be afraid to pioneer this course because God is firmly behind us, and we are simply doing it His way,


Ms. Maggie